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Welcome to the eBook Series Access Page!

I hope that you are excited to jump into the story of my time serving as part of the Civilian Surge in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom.  

Taken as a whole, the eBook series covers all aspects of my deployment in a somewhat chronological order.  However, the eBooks are written topically and do not need to be read in order.

The eBooks are published in the style of concise "book shots;" don't expect tomes comparable to Gibbon.  These are quick reads.

The Orientation (full of critical info that applies to all of the books!), the Prelude, and eBooks 1, 2, and 3 (Part 1) are ready to read.  

Release dates for the rest of the eBooks in the series are posted on respective download buttons.

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There's a big difference between publishing and not publishing.   
Publishing takes determination and ACTION.   

For more than 2 years my Afghanistan memoir was no more than a manuscript in a three-ring binder.  And NOW I'm publishing it! 

This eBook series is not the first-cut draft v.0.5, but you, reader, may notice that the copy is not buffed to a perfectly polished finish. 

The .pdf eBook files had to be compressed, which compromised image quality. (When I figure out a way to compress an image without sacrificing resolution, I'll update the postings!)  Another note about the pictures: though many pictures are fantastic, some would benefit from a bit of Photoshop magic. (Over time, I do plan to get to this.)

Thanks to lessons  from my internet marketing guru Angus Moloney, I learned to be bold and to embrace the concept of MVP--minimum viable product.  AND  I learned that the Internet offers incredible opportunities for  "split testing" and revision.  I know now that the self-publishing--DIY publishing-- offers a dynamic, energized environment for learning and growing together. (Shout out here to the support team (especially Mark Bangerter) at ClickFunnels for excellent training and assistance  and to Telly Ipock of Linear Tech N.C. for her help recovering ABEM's portfolio.)



Prelude-   29 April 2012 

Book 1 - The Back Story:  How I Got to Now 

Book 2 - Pre-deployment 

Part 1-  "Is that so?" S.A.P. PreDeployment Training Essays

Part 2 -Travel to the Dasht-e Margo

Book 3 - Deployment   

Part 1- Being There  

Part 2- Working There 

Book 4 - Reintegration

Part 1- Leaving There

Part 2-Being Here 

Book 5 - Separation 

Book 6 - Executive Summary 

Lessons Learned: The Game Has Changed

COIN and Water 101

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